Rooms and Media Studios At Axe Library

Select from any of the groups below to see room availability, make reservations, and view features of the spaces.   

Reservation Guidelines:

  • or a e-mail is needed to reserve a room or request the use of instruction spaces. 
  • Your PSU ID is required to check out room keys or equipment from the circulation desk.

For inquiries please contact Jorge Leon ( 620.235.4892 ) or Robert Lindsey ( 620.235.4887 )

Group Study Rooms and Presentation Rooms

Group Study and Presentation Rooms can be reserved for up to 2 hours at a time. Once you reserve the room, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to your PSU address.

You must confirm your room reservation from that e-mail link.

Note: Keys are checked out from the 1st floor circulation desk with your PSU ID. 

Instruction Spaces

The Instruction room can be reserved by Faculty, Staff or TA's. Librarians are available to help your class with research help.

Note: Instruction reservations may take up to 48 hours for a confirmation.

Multi-Media Studios

 *Coming Soon*

Multi-Media Studios have additional equipment and software available in the spaces to facilitate creating audio and multi-media projects. Please see description about each space to learn more about what is available. 

For assistance with the technology in the spaces please see ( ____) or contact (____)

Note: Keys are checked out from the circulation desk at Axe Library with your PSU ID. Bring your confirmation e-mail. 

Today's Hours

Display of Opening hours
Opening Hours
Sunday, Oct 23
Axe Library12pm – 11pm
Grind Coffee ShopClosed
PSU Gorilla Geeks
PSU Writing Center6pm – 10pm
Student SuccessClosed
KTC Library6pm – 10pm